Journal of Psychology and Theology

255  Religion, Spirituality, and Trauma: An Introduction
Jamie  D. Aten and Donald  F. Walker

257  What Would Walther Do? Applying Law and Gospel to Victims and
Perpetrators of Child Sexual Abuse
Victor  I. Vieth

274  Religious Considerations and Self-Forgiveness in Treating Complex Trauma and Moral Injury in Present and Former Soldiers
Everett  L. Worthington, Jr. and Diane Langberg

289  Earthquake in Haiti: Relationship with the Sacred in Times of Trauma
Kari A. O’Grady,  Deborah G. Rollison, Timothy S. Hanna, Heidi  Schreiber-Pan, and Manuel  A. Ruiz

302  Trauma, Attachment, and Spirituality: A Case Study
Lauren  E. Maltby  and Todd W. Hall

313  The Relationship between Religiosity, PTSD, and Depressive Symptoms in Veterans in PTSD Residential Treatment
Christy  T. Tran, Eric Kuhn, Robyn  D. Walser, and Kent D. Drescher

323  Child Abuse and the Church: A Call for Prevention, Treatment, and Training
Victor  I. Vieth, Basyle J. Tchividjian, Donald F. Walker, and Katlin  R. Knodel

336  The Lived Coping Experiences of South Mississippi and New Orleans Clergy Affected by Hurricane Katrina: An Exploratory Study
Kari Leavell, Jamie D. Aten, and David Boan

349  Future Directions for the Study and Application of Religion, Spirituality, and Trauma Research
Donald F. Walker and Jamie  D. Aten

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