Leadership Vol 34 No 1

22-Radical Calling
David Platt  on being a pastor and a prophet, at the same time.
A Leadership Journal interview

28-Call Forwarding
What it takes to call leaders  for tomorrow’s church today.
by John Ortberg

33-Developing Future Leaders Seven principles for training the next generation of church leaders.
by Scott Thomas

PLUS: How Do You Identify and Train
Leaders in Your Congregation? Five pastors  respond.

37-The  New Tent-Makers
Two young pastors  are finding  fresh ways to combine pastoral  ministry and entrepreneurial ventures.
by Chris Kopka

41-Into the Smoke
Sometimes it takes guts to practice pastoral grace.
by Lee Eclov

43-Call Me Maybe
Creative new titles for pastors

44-Refocused Vocation Over the centuries, it’s been distorted,but history also
sharpens  our view of every Christian’s calling.
by Chris R. Armstrong

50-Uncommon Callings
To reach a new generation, we must affirm  not just  God’s general callings  but people’s specific callings.
by Skye Jethani

PLUS: Have You Ever Questioned  Your Calling? Five pastors  respond

72-The 2012 Leadership
Book. Awards

75-Fasting Together Rediscovering the ancient discipline changed my life, and the life of my church.
by Katherine Callahan-Howell

78-Check. Your Vitals Top 10 indicators of relationship health.
by Gordon MacDonald

83-Leading Distracted People
5 ways to declutter ministry without losing impact.
by Adam Stadtmiller

87-Anxiety  Attack!
What’s a pastor  to do when he can’t  find the peace he’s preached  for years?
by Tommy Nelson