WORLD Vol 28 No 4

38 Loaded questions
The mass shootings that have prompted a national debate over gun control are tragic-but rare. What about the gun violence that takes the most  American lives? Are we ready to pursue solutions that are hard-fought and long-term?

46 Places to see
Travel makes good opportunities to find evidence  of God’s love, man’s fears, and creativity

50 A cold peace
The same men lead the United States and Israel as last year, but their relationship may soon become icier than ever

54 War of northern aggression
It’s been almost two years since Sudan divided into two countries, but the problems of political Islam and ethnic cleansing won’t go away

58 Grateful escape
Two North Korean refugees sleep every night in their own struggling restaurant­ and count it a blessing

Biblical Archaeology Review Vol 39 No 2

What to Do with Unprovenanced Artifacts­ Publish or Perish?

28    BIBLICAL  VIEWS Images of Crucifixion: fresh Evidence
Ben Witherington  Ill

Israelite life Before the Kings Robert  D. Miller

30    Where Is Sodom? The Case for TaU ei-Hammam
Steven Collins
Biblical writers knew their geography quite precisely and realistically.
And we are told clearly in Genesis 13 where Sodom was located. Contrary to a number of modern scholars who locate Sodom near the southern end of the Dead Sea, our author locates it northeast of the Dead Sea,.where he has been excavating the site of Tall el-Hammam for eight years. Whether the story of Sodom’s destruction is literally true or simply a traditional
tale, the geography is real; the Biblical author is referring to an actual site.
Where is it?

42    When Pharaohs Ruled Jerusalem
Peter van der Veen
Spurred by a BAR article, author Peter van der Veen went on a hunt for additional archaeological support of ancient Egypt’s dominance in Jerusalem. Here is what he found. But it included nothing from the time King David captured the city. Was this why David was able to conquer Jemsalem?

49    The Staurogram:Earliest Depiction of Jesus’ Crucifixion
larry W. Hurtado
Cmcifixion was considered shameful in Jesus’ time, so until about the late fourth century Christians refrained from depicting Jesus’ crucifixion-or  so it was thought. A depiction of Jesus’ crucifixion 200 years earlier has been identified in some ancient papyrus codices, consisting of a combination of two overlaid Greek letters.

53    Wet-Sift the Megiddo Dumps!
Hershel Shanks
Wet-sifting-the process of pouring soil through  a sieve while spraying
it with water-has proved its worth repeatedly by allowing the recovery of small finds from excavated soil. Why not try it on the 70-year-old excavation dumps at Megiddo?

Expository Times Vol 124 No 5

209    Steve Walton, What is Progress in New Testament Studies?

227    Richard Jordan, The significance of Mark 3:20-end for understanding the message of Mark’s Gospel

Book of the Month
23    4Hannah M. Cocksworth
The Acts of the Risen Lord Jesus: Luke’s account of God’s unfolding plan
Alan J. Thompson

Worship Resources
Sermons for the Christian Year
237    Two Sermons on the Parable of the Prodigal Son for 1 Q<h  March: 4’h Sunday in Lent:
238    Robert Jeffery, The Prodigal Society?
Alma Lewis, The Compassionate Father
243    Jenny Gaffin, 17’h March: S’h Sunday in Lent
Russell Barr, 24’h March: 6’h Sunday in Lent
John Shepherd, 31″ March: Easter Sunday
247    Sally Foster-Fulton, All- Age Worship Resources for Palm/Passion Sunday

Book Reviews
259    Index of Books Reviewed
260    John Armes, And Finally… the Holy Sardine Tin

Journal for Christian Educator’s VOl 19 No 2

6    Towards  a More Thoroughly Christian View of Education
Helping students develop a more thoroughly Christian view of education

13    Implementing a Class Debate
An effective way to teach students to think and to be good discerners of information

16    Writing to Be Understood: Teaching Students in All Disciplines to Write  With a Purpose
A cross-curricular approach to training students to write authoritatively, truthfully, and clearly

22    Elementary Corner-Incorporating PowerPoint in the Elementary Classroom
Suggestions for improving classroom instruction and creating interesting lessons through the use of PowerPoint

24    Combining English  Classes While Preserving Sequence
Maintaining sequence in writing and grammar even in combined classes

27    Good Readers Are Great Learners: Utilizing Lexile Scores
Using Lexile scores to improve reading comprehension and college readiness

Counseling Today Vol 55 No. 8

30   Bully pulpit By Lynne Shallcross

Counselors,  and school counselors in particular, have a critical role to play
both in coming to the aid of children and adolescents targeted by bullying and in promoting a culture where bullying is confronted head-on  rather than swept under the rug.


40    Are you what you eat?
By Stacy Notaras Murphy
Counselors  are taking a closer look at how diet can affect the mental health of their clients.

46    Evaluating cloud-based practice management systems
By Rob Reinhardt
The paperless office may finally be within  reach for private practitioners.

52    Knowledge Share
Thinking creatively: Expressive arts for counseling youth in the schools
By Patricia Van Velsor
The visual arts, movement,  drama, music and writing provide school counselors with innoVative methods for engaging students in their academic, career and personal/social development.

56    Reader Viewpoint     .
The paradox of empathy: When empathy hurts
By Eric W. Cowan, Jack Presbury & Lennis G. Echterling
In the counseling profession, we are taught to strive for empathic  connection with clients, but what should we do when those clients do not want to be “completely known” because that depth of empathy evokes their deepest wounds?

WORLD Vol 28 No 3

34 Here they stand
Obamacare’s contraceptive mandate forces businesses to cover abortion-inducing drugs for employees. It has sent several evangelical and Catholic business owners to court to fight for their religious liberty-with varying degrees of success

44 Soldiering on
Armed by three decades of combatduty, retired Lt. Gen. WilliamBoykin takes
on Washington’s culture battles

48 Dry counties
Crops and cattle hang in the balance as drought in the Great Plains extends into winter

52 Herr professor
Religious freedom advocates, often ignored, find a friend
in UN representative Heiner Bielefeldt

54 Prayer and politics
A worldview split leads to sharp differences on how to fight oppression in North Korea

58 The silent treatment
For over four months, authorities jailed and bec; t Iranian-American Saeed Abedini in Tehran with no trial or U.S. intervention

American Baptist Quartelry Vol 30 Nos. 1 &2

Introduction: Baptist  History and  Preaching  3
John  C. B. Webster

“Christian Statesmen”: Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King Jr., Gardner
Calvin Taylor and  the African  American Civic Sermon     6
Joseph Evans

It All Begins with Character          28
Joe Kutter

My Homiletical Life: An Exploration into Peculiar Speech    40
W  Kenneth Williams

Star Wars to Shubal Stearns: How to Preach About Baptist History without hearing Crickets                                          57
Matthew  Sturtevant

Homecoming Sunday                        70
Henry  H. Mitchell

The Great  Exposure                          77
Trinette McCray

Called  to Be a Dabar People              87
Elizabeth Conde-Frazier

Only In America  92
Brooks Andrews

When Endings Become Beginnings             100
Carla Agus Romarate-Knipel

Off the Beaten Path                104
Jamison A. Collier

The King James Bible and  Baptists  over 400 Years                   108
B.R.  Talbot

Transforming the Heart of High Calvinism: William  Gadsby’s       135
A Selection of Hymns for Public Worship
Deborah Ruhl

Zion, The  City of Solemnities, Being  the Substance of Six Sermons from
Isaiah 33:20        163
William Gadsby

Lines in Praise of Free-Will    173
William Gadsby

Catholic Bible Quarterly Vol 75. No 1 January 2013

1-14    How Priestly Is the “High Priestly Prayer” of John 17?
Harold  W. Attridge

15-31    The Invention and Persistence ofWellhausen’s World
Walter Brueggemann and Davis Hankins

32-52    Disembodied Women: Sacrificial Language and the Deaths of Bat-Jephthah, Cozbi, and the Bethlehemite Concubine Lauren  A. S. Monroe

53-73    Were There Neo-Assyrian Influences in Manasseh’s Temple?
Comparative Evidence from Tel-Miqne/Ekron
William S. Morrow

74-93    Cryptic Codes and a Violent King: A New Proposal for
Matthew 11:12 and Luke 16:16-18
Matthew W. Bates

94-107    Acts 2:38 in Light of the Syntax oflmperative-Future Passive and Imperative-Present Participle Combinations Paul Elbert

108-179    Book Reviews
Joan E. Cook, S.C., and Linda  M. Maloney

180-200    Collected Essays

201-204    Books Received