American Baptist Quartelry Vol 30 Nos. 1 &2

Introduction: Baptist  History and  Preaching  3
John  C. B. Webster

“Christian Statesmen”: Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King Jr., Gardner
Calvin Taylor and  the African  American Civic Sermon     6
Joseph Evans

It All Begins with Character          28
Joe Kutter

My Homiletical Life: An Exploration into Peculiar Speech    40
W  Kenneth Williams

Star Wars to Shubal Stearns: How to Preach About Baptist History without hearing Crickets                                          57
Matthew  Sturtevant

Homecoming Sunday                        70
Henry  H. Mitchell

The Great  Exposure                          77
Trinette McCray

Called  to Be a Dabar People              87
Elizabeth Conde-Frazier

Only In America  92
Brooks Andrews

When Endings Become Beginnings             100
Carla Agus Romarate-Knipel

Off the Beaten Path                104
Jamison A. Collier

The King James Bible and  Baptists  over 400 Years                   108
B.R.  Talbot

Transforming the Heart of High Calvinism: William  Gadsby’s       135
A Selection of Hymns for Public Worship
Deborah Ruhl

Zion, The  City of Solemnities, Being  the Substance of Six Sermons from
Isaiah 33:20        163
William Gadsby

Lines in Praise of Free-Will    173
William Gadsby