Catholic Bible Quarterly Vol 75. No 1 January 2013

1-14    How Priestly Is the “High Priestly Prayer” of John 17?
Harold  W. Attridge

15-31    The Invention and Persistence ofWellhausen’s World
Walter Brueggemann and Davis Hankins

32-52    Disembodied Women: Sacrificial Language and the Deaths of Bat-Jephthah, Cozbi, and the Bethlehemite Concubine Lauren  A. S. Monroe

53-73    Were There Neo-Assyrian Influences in Manasseh’s Temple?
Comparative Evidence from Tel-Miqne/Ekron
William S. Morrow

74-93    Cryptic Codes and a Violent King: A New Proposal for
Matthew 11:12 and Luke 16:16-18
Matthew W. Bates

94-107    Acts 2:38 in Light of the Syntax oflmperative-Future Passive and Imperative-Present Participle Combinations Paul Elbert

108-179    Book Reviews
Joan E. Cook, S.C., and Linda  M. Maloney

180-200    Collected Essays

201-204    Books Received