WORLD Vol 28 No 3

34 Here they stand
Obamacare’s contraceptive mandate forces businesses to cover abortion-inducing drugs for employees. It has sent several evangelical and Catholic business owners to court to fight for their religious liberty-with varying degrees of success

44 Soldiering on
Armed by three decades of combatduty, retired Lt. Gen. WilliamBoykin takes
on Washington’s culture battles

48 Dry counties
Crops and cattle hang in the balance as drought in the Great Plains extends into winter

52 Herr professor
Religious freedom advocates, often ignored, find a friend
in UN representative Heiner Bielefeldt

54 Prayer and politics
A worldview split leads to sharp differences on how to fight oppression in North Korea

58 The silent treatment
For over four months, authorities jailed and bec; t Iranian-American Saeed Abedini in Tehran with no trial or U.S. intervention