Counseling Today Vol 55 No 9

Cover Story
28    Unmistaken  identity By Lynne Shallcross
The counseling profession has worked hard to carve out a unique space within the landscape of the helping professions while also trying to define itself clearly.

38    Grown-up bullying By Lynne Shallcross
It may come as a surprise to some that bullying continues  into college and even the professional world, but counselors say it is far from uncommon.

46 All trauma is not the same
By Tara S. Jungersen, Stephanie Dailey, Julie Uhernik & Carol M. Smith
Counselors  need to understand how clients react differently to natural versus human-caused  disasters to provide the best care to trauma survivors.

50 Evaluating doud-based practice management systems, Part 2
By Rob Reinhardt

60 Newly launched clearinghouse aims to help counselors get creative
By Heather Rudow

64 Creating ACA By Richard Yep
ACA’s first president, Robert H. Shaffer, reflects on the early days of the association.

68 DBT:An introduction and application with adolescents
By Karen Michelle Hunnicutt Hollenbaugh

72 Not just for some of us
By Tom Evenson, Patty Nunez & Frank Lane
Now is the time to advance licensure parity for all counselors.

74 Reaching across continents to prepare counseling’s
next generation
By Yukio Fujikura & Marie Kobayashi