Review and Expositor Vol 110 No 1

Current Status of Baptist Women  in Ministry

First Words
11    A Word From … the Managing Editor
By Mark E. Biddle, Russell T. Cherry  Professor of Old Testament, Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond, and Managing Editor of Review & Expositor.
13    First Words … Editorial  Introduction
By Pamela R. Durso, Executive Director, Baptist Women in Ministry,
Atlanta, Georgia.
15    A Word From …
By J. Alfred Smith, Sr., Pastor  Emeritus  of Allen Temple Baptist
Church, Oakland, California, and Professor of Preaching and Church
Ministries, American Baptist  Seminary of the  West, Berkeley,
California, and past president of the American Baptist Churches of
the West and the Progressive National Baptist Convention.
25    A Word From a Seminarian
By Stephanie  Nash, MDiv Student  at Logsdon Seminary, Abilene,
Texas, and  Pastor  for Education, Outreach, and  Administration,
Second Baptist Church, Lubbock, Texas.
27     A Word About . .. Words
By David M. May,  Professor of New Testament at Central Baptist
Theological Seminary in in Shawnee, Kansas  and a member of the
Editorial Board of Review & Expositor.

Thematic Words
33 She-Preachers, Bossy Women, and Children of the Devil: Women Ministers in the Baptist Tradition, 1609-2012
By Pamela R. Durso Executive Director, Baptist Women in Ministry, Atlanta, Georgia.

49    Baptists in Tension: The Status of Women’s Leadership and Ministry, 2012
By Eileen R. Campbell-Reed, Co-director of the Learning Pastoral Imagination Project, Luther Seminary, Saint Paul, Minnesota.

65    Already but Not Yet: The Status of Women Baptist Pastors By Tracy Hartman, Daniel 0. Aleshire Professor of Homiletics and Practical  Theology, Baptist  Theological  Seminary  at Richmond, Richmond, Virginia.

77    Breaking Through the Extra-Thick Stained-Glass Ceiling:  African
American Baptist Women in Ministry
By Courtney Lyons, a Ph.D.  candidate and  teaching  fellow  in Religion, Baylor University, Waco, Texas.

93    Tracing Sister Connections:The Place of United States Latina Baptist Women in Ministry  within  the Overall Story of Baptist Women in Ministry
By Isabel N. Docampo, Professor of Supervised  Ministry, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University Dallas, Texas.

107    “In  My Mother’s  House”: A Glimpse of Baptist Women in Ministry on its Twenty-Fifth Anniversary
By Elizabeth Flowers, Assistant  Professor of American Religious History, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas.

Expository Words

123    There’s More Than One Way: Vashti, Esther, and Women in Ministry
By Meredith J. Stone, Women In Ministry Specialist, Baptist General
Convention of Texas, Abilene, Texas.

131    Faithful  Disciple, Feminine Witness:  Mary Magdalene
By Kyndall Renfro, Pastor of Covenant Baptist Church, San Antonio, Texas.

Words About Recent  Books
139     Edited  by Robert  R. Ellis, Associate  Dean and  Phillips  Professor  of
Hebrew and  Old Testament, Logsdon School of Theology, Hardin­
Simmons University, Abilene, Texas and  a member of the Editorial
Board of Review & Expositor.

153 Books Received
Books Reviewed