Journal for the Study of the Old Testament Vol 37 No 3 March 2013


T.M. LEMOS    265-294
Where There Is Dirt, Is There System? Revisiting Biblical Purity Constructions

ROLAND BOER    295-318
Between  the Goat’s Arse and the Face of God: Deleuze  and Guattari and Marx  and the Bible

‘Give us a portion  among our father’s brothers’: The  Daughters of Zelophehad, Land,  and the Quest for Human Dignity

MICHAEL Avioz    339-347
Divine  Intervention and Human Error  in the Absalom Narrative

DAVID JANZEN     349-370
The Sins ofJosiah  and Hezekiah: A Synchronic  Reading of the Final Chapters  of Kings

DANIEL A. FRESE     371-388
Lessons from the Potter’s Workshop: A New Look at Jeremiah 18.1-11