Christianity Today Vol 57 No. 3 April 2013

22    National Tragedy and the Empty Tomb
Philip Yancey
Not even senseless murder can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus.

32     Easter Wings
Christopher Benson
The classic poem tells-and shows-how Christ’s resurrection  lifts us into flight.

34     Rick Warren’s Final Frontier
Interview by Timothy Morgan
Saddleback wants to bring the gospel to the world’s 3,400 unengaged people groups. Why it just might work.

38 The Mystery of Original Sin
Marguerite Shuster  We don’t know why God permitted the Fall, but we know all too well the sin and evil that still plague us.

42 Knowing What the Bible Really Means
Jost Zetzsche Why multiple translations might even be better than
Scripture in its original languages.

46  The Hope Roaster
April Burbank
How Pete Leonard’s coffee roasting startup could become the world’s largest employer  of former convicts.

50  Conversion Confusion
Jayson Casper    Did a widow  with seven children get 15 years in an
Egyptian prison for becoming a Christian? Not so fast.