WORLD Vol 28 No 8 April 2013

34    Gettin’ on board the gay marriage train
Same-sex advocates ruled the public arena surrounding
Supreme Court arguments for two landmark cases. But it’s far from certain the legal locomotion on marriage is ready to roll

40    Countercultural warriors
Some Christian millennials are very publicly standing apart from
their generation to defend marriage

44    Finding freedom
Imprisoned in Iran for almost a year, Christians Marziyeh Amirizadeh and Maryam Rostampour now can share their ordeal: ‘In Evin Prison, everything is a shock’

48     Default position.
Students are taking on massive debts without thinking of the future. One result: Default rates, even at Christian colleges, have grown

52     Braggin’on their King
Trip Lee and Andy Mineo are Christian rappers taking different paths to serve their Lord

56    Violent tendencies
Hollywood loudly denounces guns-as it uses on-screen gun violence to rack
up killer ratings