Social Education Vol 77 No 2

52  Teaching with  Documents
Searching for the Seventies:Photographs from the Environmental Protection Agency’s DOCUMERICA Project
Bruce Bustard and Lee Ann Potter
Examining key photos from a 1970s federal project can serve as a point of departure for an exploration of the national issues and environmental crises of that decade.

Special Section: Teaching the Economics of World History
Guest Editors: Mark C. Schug and William C. Wood

57  Understanding World Economic History
Robert Whaples
Students will gain a better understanding of the pre-modern world when they consider the role that new technologies and institutions played in the advances of modern societies.

60 The Economics of Government and the Fall of Rome
Tawni Hunt  Ferrarini
Studying the economic choices of the Roman Empire prior to its collapse can highlight for students the relationship  between government failure and economic failure.

64 Business in the Middle Ages:What Was the Role of Guilds?
William  Bosshardt and faneS.  Lopus
The study of medieval guilds and their role in regulating trade provides opportunities for teaching key economic concepts in a historical context.

68  Why Didn’t China Discover the New World?
Scott WaLLa
A historic look at China and its early technological advances offers an excellent opportunity to incorporate economic lessons into the study of world history.

74 Tokugawa Japan and Industrial Revolution Britain:Two Misunderstood Societies
Lucien ELLington
A close study of Tokugawa Japan and Industrial Revolution Britain will correct textbook depictions and reveal societies that had pro-growth government policies and significant economic freedom.

78  The East India Company: Agent of Empire in the Early Modern Capitalist Era
Bruce Brunton
The English East India Company provides an excellent case study for a lesson on the complex dynamics and consequences of intertwined  business-government relations.

82  Slavery and Free Markets:Relationships between Economic institutions
Mark C. Schug
This look at the contradictions berween economic freedom and slavery provides a comprehensive view of the institution of slavery in world and American history.