Christian Scholar’s Review Vol 42 No 3

In  Bondage to Reason: Evidentialist Atheism and Its Assumptions
JOSH STIGALL, “His   Studie  was  but  Litel  on the  Bible”:  Materialism  and
Misreading in Chaucer’s Physician’s Tale
NOAH TOLY, Risk and Responsibility in Global Environmental Governance

MARK A. NoLL, A Free People’s Suicide
OS GUINNESS, Response to Mark  Noll’s  Review of A Free  People’s Suicide: Sustainable Freedom and  the American Future

285    JUSTIN BARRETT, Born Believers: The Science of Children’s  Religious Belief
Reviewed by Holly Catterton Allen

288    ANDREW  SKOTNICKI, The Last Judgment: Christian Ethics in a Legal Culture
Reviewed by Stephen N. Bretsen

291     CRYSTAL L. DOWNING, Changing Signs of Truth:  A Christian Introduction to the Semiotics of Communication
Reviewed by Christine A. Colon

295     CECELIA GONZALEZ-ANDRIEU, Bridge to Wonder: Art as a Gospel of Beauty
Reviewed by Matthew J. Milliner

298     TODD C. REAM, JERRY PATTENGALE, AND DAVID  L. RIGGS, EDS., Beyond Integration: Inter/ Disciplinary  Possibilities for the Future of Christian  Higher Education
Reviewed by Gary S. Selby

300     AMOS YANG AND ESTRELDA Y. ALEXANDER, EDS., Afro-Pentecostalism:  Black Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity in History and Culture
Reviewed by Kenneth L. Waters, Sr.

305     JAMES D. BRATT, ED.,  By the Vision of Another World: Worship in American History
Reviewed by Karen B. Westerfield Tucker

307   MIKE HIGTON, A Theology of Higher Education
Reviewed by Perry L. Glanzer

309       DAVIDS. DOCKERY,ED.,  Faith and Learning: A Handbook for Christian Higher Education
Reviewed by Karen S. Buchanan