First Things Vol 23 No 3

3    Pope Francis by R. R. Reno
LETTERS    8    Fighting eugenics, Bernheim, etc.
OPINIONS    19    Bullets and Beatitudes by Antonio Anderson
21    Lost Legion of Decency by Brad Miner
24    Not Duffers, Won’t Drown by Sally Thomas

ESSAYS    27    The Crisis of Conservative Judaism
by EdwardS. Shapiro

33    Lena Dunham’s Inviolable Self
by Alan Jacobs

39    Medicinal Murder
by Wesley J. Smith

45    Rahner the Restorationist
by R. R. Reno

REVIEWS    53    The Myth of Persecution by Candida Moss
reviewed by Ephraim Radner
55    Majesty and Humility by Reuven Ziegler
reviewed by Alex Ozar
58    Against Fairness by Stephen T. Asma
reviewed by Helen Rittelmeyer
60    Before Religion by Brent Nongbri
reviewed by William T. Cavanaugh
63    Orthodox Readings of Aquinas by Marcus Plested
reviewed by Andrew Louth
65    Briefly Noted
67    German clowns, Death row poems, etc. by David Mills

72     Nature Loves to Hide by David Bentley Hart

POETRY    Timothy Murphy  (p. 44)