Catholic Biblical Quarterly Vol 72 No 2

219-238     Reading the Joseph Story (Genesis 37-50) as a Diaspora
Hyun Chul  Paul  Kim

239-258     Psalm 132: A Prayer of”Solomon”
Gianni Barbiero

259-278     Adulescentes  and Meretrices: The Correlation  between
Squandered  Patrimony  and Prostitutes in the Parable of the Prodigal Son
Callie  Calion

279-296     The Trial of the People and the Prophet: John 5:30-47 and the True and False Prophet Traditions
J.D. Atkins

297-314     Reconsidering  Pauline Juxtaposition of lndicative and Imperative (Romans 6:1-14) in Light of Pauline Apocalypticism
Teresa  Kuo-Yu  Tsui

315-334     The Two Tables of the Law and Paul’s Ethical
Methodology  in 1 Corinthians  6:12-20 and 10:23-11:1
Scott D. Mackie

335-384     Book Reviews
Joan E. Cook, S.C., and Linda M. Maloney

385-410     Collected Essays

411-419     Books Received