Counseling Today Vol 59 No 11

32    When the hurt is aimed inward
By Lynne Shallcross
Learn what functions  are being served in cases of self-injury, what clients need from you as a counselor and why the therapeutic relationship  might hold the key to change.

42    The dawn of a new DSM
Compiled by Jonathan Rollins
From new disorders and collapsed disorders to dimensional  assessment and reduced diagnostic thresholds, what changes might counselors expect to see with the official
release of the DSM-5and  how will it affect counseling practice moving forward?

Knowledge Share
52    Creature comforts
By Leslie A Stewart, Catherine Y. Chang & Amy Jaynes
Researchers and practitioners  are finding that including a therapy animal in the counseling  process has a unique, positive impact on the therapeutic alliance.

58    When religion and sexual orientation collide
By Michelle  R. Cox
If counselors with conservative values and beliefs are to be effective in their practices, they must attempt to assist all clients in resolving issues -in spite of
differences and without  compromising their faith.

62    A celebration of counseling in Cincinnati
By Heather Rudow
The ACA 2013 Conference  & Expo featured approval of ACXs 20th division, rwo new interest nerworks, a town hall meeting for the first draft of the revised ACA Code of Ethics and rwo inspiring keynotes.

66    20/20 can’t reach consensus on
education requirements for license portability
By Jonathan Rollins
The final “building block to portability” instead turns into a stumbling block.