Journal of Theological Interpretation Vol 7 No 1

1    Jonathan Edwards, Paul and the Priority of Holiness: A Variant Reading
Catherine Sider Hamilton

21    Which Version of the Twelve Prophets Should Christians Read?
A Case for REadingthe LXX Twelve Prophets
Bo H. Lim

37    Following the Church Fathers: An Intertextual Path from Psalm 107
to Isaiah, Jonah and Matthew 8:23-27
Timothy J. Stone

57    Fusion-Point Hermeneutics: A Theological Interpretation of Saul’s
Rejection in Light of the Shema as the Rule of Faith
Ming JIm Ko

79    Theological Interpretation and the Spiritual Sense of Scripture:
Henri de Lubac’s Retrieval of a Christological Hermeneutic of Presence
Kevin Storer

97    The “Johannine Thunderbolt” in Luke 10:22: Toward an Appreciation of Luke’s Narrative Sequences
Matthew E. Sousa

115    “Present and ACcomdated for”: Calvin’s God on Mount Sinai
Michael J. Kibbe