Counseling Today June 2013

Global influence    26
Compiled by Lynne Shallcross
What  does counseling look like globally in the year 2013? Twenty international members  of ACA describe the current status of counseling in their countries and offer insights into how its practice is likely to evolve around  the world.

Avoiding the parent trap    38
By Lynne Shallcross
Two counselors share what it takes to create an effective working relationship
and experience successful outcomes with one of the most potentially challenging client groups-parents.

Dispelling the myths of aging    46
By SeriaShia Chatters & Carlos  Zalaquett
Counselors  can advocate for the needs of older adults and help this population adapt, thrive and maintain  a sense of life satisfaction as they encounter the multiple changes associated with reaching the last stages of adulthood.

Think this, not that    52
By Rita A. Schulte
What  we say to ourselves has a powerful impact on our emotional state, which is why teaching clients to notice their self-talk is such an important part of therapy