Biblical Archaeology Review Vol 39 No 4 July/August 2013

26     Who Destroyed Canaanite Hazor?
Amnon Ben-Tor
The Book of Joshua says the Israelites defeated the mighty king of Razor and destroyed the city with fire. Years of excavation have revealed the intentional destruction of the once-powerful Canaanite city-“the head
of all those kingdoms”-with a raging inferno that burned at more than 2,350 degrees Fahrenheit. But who did it? According to the excavator, the Israelites are the only feasible candidate.

37    Aegeans in Israel: Minoan Frescoes at Tel Kabri
Eric H. Cline and Assaf Yasur-Landau
Colorful frescoes of bulls, acrobats, griffins and flowers once decorated ancient palaces in Egypt, Turkey, Syria-and Israel. Well known from its home in Crete and Santorini, how and why did this Aegean art style
travel hundreds of miles to the east? Excavations at Tel Kabri in Israel are helping to explain the Aegean connection with the easternmost  parts of the Mediterranean world.

45    Early Israel: An Egalitarian Society
Avraham Faust
Excavated structures, pottery and other household artifacts offer a glimpse of daily life in the Iron Age highlands of Canaan, but no burials or tombs have been found. What do these findings reveal about the ideology of early Iron Age Israelite society?

50    Daphnis and Chloe in the Garden of Eden
Theodore Feder
Considerable attention has been paid to how Biblical religions influenced one another, but did these religions inspire pagan cultures as•well? A charming late-second-century pastoral romance echoes elements of the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament.

American Baptist Quarterly Vol 30 Nos. 3-4

Introduction: Memory,  Identity and  Hope: American Baptist  Ecclesiology       183
Donald J.  Brash

Memory, Identity, and  Hope: Reflections for American Baptist
Ecclesiology in the  21st Century ……………………………. 186
Emilie JW. Townes

A Theological Reappraisal of Memory: Role of the  Prophetic
in Baptist  Ecclesiology …………………………………… 201
Stephen Butler Murray

The  Lord’s Feast: Place of American Baptist Healing……… 207
Amy L. Chilton Thompson

Would  the ABC-USA Ecclesiology Be Able  (Willing) to Declare Arius
a Heretic? ………………………. 217
Rev. Dr. George  Hancock-Stefan

Honoring, Not Adhering to the Baptist Past……….. 224
Donald J.  Brash

A Theology of Ordination . . . . .  238
Jonathan Malone

My GPS Does  Not Work in Puerto Rico: An Evangiilica Spirituality……..   256
Dr. Loida I. Martell-Otero

Down  to Earth Theology: Reclaiming Our Responsibility for  Creation and Embracing Biblical Stewardship     276
Cliff Cain

Persuasion, Particularity, and  Pluralism: An American Baptist  Dilemma…  282
Bill  Leonard

The  Great Tradition . 300
Edwin S. Gaustad

Prospects and  Problems …….. 312
Norman H. Waring

Shifting Patterns of Church Order in the Twentieth Century  320
Winthrop S. Hudson

Journal for the Study of the New Testament Vol 35 No 4

How  Reliable is the Story  of the  Nag Hammadi  Discovery?    303
Mark Goodacre

Not with Eloquent Wisdom: Democratic Ekklesia Discourse in I Corinthians 1-4 323
Anna C. Miller

The  Political Issue of the  Ascension of lsaiah:A Response to  Enrico Norelli     355
Jonathan Knight

Texts,Tables and Tablets:A Response to John C. Poirier    380
Robert A. Derrenbacker,Jr

Waxing Careless: Poirier, Derrenbacker and Downing    388
F. Gerald Downing

Jerusalem  and Caesarea Inscriptions  and  New Testament Study:            394
A Review Article
Simon Gathercole

Journal for the Study of the Old Testament Vol 37 No 4

State Formation in the Hebrew Bible:
An Institutional Economic Perspective     391-422

Is the Account of the Organization of the Camp Devoid of Organization? A Proposal for the Literary Structure of Numbers 1.1-10.10     423-452

The ‘Altar of the Lord Your God’ in Deuteronomy 16.21: Central Altar or Local Altars?     453-472

The Euphemism for the Ineffable Name of God
and Its Early Evidence in Chronicles     473-484

The Riddle of Qohelet and Qohelet the Riddler     485-509

The Master’s Seminary Journal Vol 24 No 1

Editorial ……………………………………………………… 1-4
Richard L. Mayhue

Have They Found a Better Way? An Analysis of Gentry
and Wellum’s, Kingdom Through Covenant …………………………. 5-24
Michael J. Vlach

Three Searches for the “Historical Jesus” but No Biblical
Christ (Part 2): Evangelical Participation  in the Search for
the “Historical Jesus”  …………………………………………. 25-67
F. David Farnell

Did God Fulfill Every Good Promise? Toward a Biblical
Understanding of Joshua 21:43–45 (Part 2) ………………………… 69-96
Gregory H. Harris

Repentance Found? The Concept of Repentance  in the Fourth Gospel. ….. 97-123
David A. Croteau

The Question of Application in Preaching: The Sermon on the Mount as a Test Case …………………………………….. 125-136
Bruce W. Alvord

Reviews …………………………………. 137-177

J. Andrew Dearman
The Book of Hosea ……………………………………….. . 137-138
Reviewed by Irvin A. Busenitz

Gregg L. Frazer
The Religious Beliefs of Americas Founders: Reason, Revelation, and Revolution………………………………….. 138-141
Reviewed by Dennis M. Swanson

Mark D. Futato and George M. Schwab
The Book of Psalms, The Book of Proverbs……………………… 141-143
Reviewed by William D. Barrick

Donald W. Hagner.
The New Testament: A Historical and Theological Introduction ……… 143-146
Reviewed by F. David Farnell

WORLD Vol 28 No 13

2013 Books Issue

44 Making tracks
Superb reporting and storytelling about a modern-day underground railroad make Melanie Kirkpatrick’s Escape from North Korea WORLD’s Book of the Year
51 Book diversity
Thirteen writers  contribute brief reviews  of 2012-2013 books that particularly caught their interest
52 Portraits of grace: Three biographies testifying to God’s work in mankind
53 Grand stories: A look at Nixon as VP, New York’s Grand Central Terminal, and Thomas Becket’s battle with a king
55 War wounds: A closer look at three costly-but pivotal­ battles spanning U.S. history
56 Aging badly:Two books celebrating 50th anniversaries offered cures worse tan
the disease
57 Commodity control: Two different  approaches to Africa’s resources
58 Pushing against paradigms: New perspectives on drugs, death,
and design
60 Road signs: Books geared for millennials  wrestling with cultural questions
61 Paranormal push: Deluge
of supernatural young adult novels produce plots with mangled biblical truths
62 Winsome whodunits: Light-hearted cozy mysteries offer gentler fare for lazy summer days
64 Sports report: Sins and swings in the sports world
65 Rib ticklers:Jokes, bloopers, stories, and quotes to keep
you laughing
66 Self-published standouts:The top 10 self-published books
68 Reading with boys:Children’s authors
work to draw boys into books in the age of distraction

70 Digital dynamite
Once a curious novelty, e-books have exploded in popularity

Christian Research Journal Vol 36 No 3

12   Video Games and  Christians: Can God Fit in This Machine? by Kevin Schut
Cultural Discernment: Christians typically haven’t had much to say about video games, and often when they do, it’s pretty negative. There are certainly real concerns over violence and addiction in video games, but the church needs to give this nearly ubiquitous medium a more balanced treatment.

20  How the West Really Lost God by Mary Eberstadt
Cultural Discernment and Apologetics: Over the past century, the Western world has become increasingly  secular and post­ Christian. This is often attributed to increasing  education and prosperity, but data abounds that suggests the opposite and points to another  expla­ nation for the decline of Western Christianity: the breakdown of
the family.

24 The Legendary Flat-Earth Bible
by James Patrick Holding
Biblical Hermeneutics and Apologetics: Critics of the Bible have been calling it a flat-Earth book for centuries, and some fringe Christian groups have joined in the act, affirm­ ing that the Earth is indeed flat! What is the Bible really saying when it refers to such things as the “four corners of the earth”?

28 Western Intellectuals and Shame
by Daniel Mann
Cultural Discernment: Why do Western intellectuals often condemn the decisions of their own democratic nations while saying little or nothing about the atrocities of Third-World Muslim and Marxist nations? Might it be that, motivated by deep-seated shame, the Western intellectual establishes  his virtue by rejecting his own culture?

32  Sexual Sanity for Women in a World Gone Mad
by Ellen Dykas
Ethical Discernment and Apologetics: In a world spiraling into a sexual free-for-all, many Christian  women are succumbing to the cultural  insanity that says sex is all about you. Others  are smothered in shame concerning their sexual struggles. Sexual sanity, which is gained through  the wise,
unashamed, and bold teaching of the Bible, is God’s gift for all. Includes a sidebar  on the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon

42 Kierkegaard: Understanding the Christian Father of Existentialism
by Michael W. Austin
Philosophical Apologetics: Nine­ teenth-century  Danish philosopher S0ren Kierkegaard is perhaps best known as the father of existentialism, a philosophical school most often associated with atheist thinkers. Kierkegaard, however, was a devout Christian and much of what he wrote is strikingly relevant to contemporary life. An installment in our occasional Philosophers Series

46  Deepak Chopra’s Cosmi Enlightenment: Eastern Ideas in a Western Culture
by Robert Velarde
Interfaith Discernment and Apologetics: Through his many best­ selling books and a massive multimedia empire, Deepak Chopra has succeeded at convincing many Westerners to embrace Hindu beliefs and practices in the name of science, health care, and even Christianity. Far surpassing even his former teacher Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (Transcen­ dental Meditation) in cultural influence, Chopra is a spiritual force that Christians need to reckon with.

50 Suffering in Apologetic Mission
by Douglas Groothuis
Practical Apologetics: The call to suffer as disciples for the sake of Christ and the gospel is universal and nonnegotiable. How does this calling apply to apologetic ministry, and what price do we pay if we disregard it?

Southern Baptist Journal of Theology Vol 16 No 4

God the Holy Spirit

2  Editorial: Stephen J. Wellum
The Glorious Work of God the Holy Spirit

4  Gregg R.Allison
Baptism with and Filling of the Holy Spirit

22  Graham A. Cole
Sins against the Holy Spirit

32 Matthew Barrett
“We Believe in the Holy Spirit”: Revisiting the Deity of the Spirit

54 Michael A. G. Haykin
The Holy Spirit, the Charistmata, and Signs and Wonders: Some
Evangelical Perspectives from the Eighteenth Century

74  Todd L. Miles
He Will Glorify Me: Evaluating the Pneumatology of Indusivists and

96  The SBJT Forum
106  Book Reviews

Journal for the Study of the Old Testament Vol 37 Issue 5

S ociety for Old Testament Study
Book List 2013

Preface     iii
1.    General
2.    Archaeology  and Epigraphy             46
3.    History, Geography and Sociology     56
4.    Texts and Versions                          64
5.    Studies on Specific Books             72

I.        Pentateuch                72
II.       Former Prophets        91
III.     Latter Prophets           98
IV.     Psalms and Wisdom     110
V.      Other Writings              124

6.    Literary Studies and History of lnterpretation    129
7.    Law, Religion and Theology             157
8.    The Life and Thought of the Surrounding Peoples 180
9.    Apocrypha and Post-biblical Studies         207
10.    The Dead Sea Scrolls                 235
11.    Philology and Grammar                 251
Index of Authors                     261

Journal of Evangelism and Missions Vol 12 Spring 2013

3   Urbanizing Panta ta Ethne
Troy L. Bush

17  Inner-City Initiatives: Evangelizing Urban Memphis
Ronnie Tullos

23   Memphis Gold: Church Planting in the Bluff City
Steve Wilkes

33  America’s Greatest Mission Field: Starting Ministries in
America’s Multihousing Communities
J. Eric Boykin

43   Urban Church Planting: Personal Reflections on the
Learning Curve
David Allen Bledsoe

53   Binghampton Community Church
Shun Abram

65   Mega Cities Strategies: Keys to Opening the Doors to the
Lost Urban Masses
Dennis Blackmon

77   Profile of an Urban Missionary
Wendal Johnson