International Journal of Frontier Missiology vol 29 No 3

Missiology En Route

111 From the Editor’s Desk Brad  Gill
African  missiology en route.


113 Part II: Reconsidering Our Biblical Roots: Bible Interpretation, the Apostle Paul and Mission Today
Larry W. Caldwell
Can a ”chicken theology” compare with Western hermeneutics?

123 An Enduring Legacy: Reflections on the Contribution  of Western Protestant Missions from a Frontier Mission Perspective
David Taylor
After 200 years are we still fuzzy on the Great Commission?

129 Turning it Beautiful: Divination, Discernment and a Theology of Suffering
Alan Howell
Ultimately we must confront the dark side of religion.

139 Growth  Amidst Persecution: A Comparison of the Evangelical Church in Communist China and the Soviet Union
John E. White
Is “the blood of the martyrs” always “the seed of the church”?

Book Reviews
148 Summoned from the Margin: Homecoming of an African
151 Karukku
Untouchable Spring
152 The last Brahmin: Life and Reflections of a Modern-day Sanskrit Pandit

In Others’ Words
154 Endangered Languages:Digital Media (and Hip-Hop) to the Rescue
Save Maryam or Save Udin?
Fun with Statistics: Gapminder