Christian Research Journal Vol 36 No 3

12   Video Games and  Christians: Can God Fit in This Machine? by Kevin Schut
Cultural Discernment: Christians typically haven’t had much to say about video games, and often when they do, it’s pretty negative. There are certainly real concerns over violence and addiction in video games, but the church needs to give this nearly ubiquitous medium a more balanced treatment.

20  How the West Really Lost God by Mary Eberstadt
Cultural Discernment and Apologetics: Over the past century, the Western world has become increasingly  secular and post­ Christian. This is often attributed to increasing  education and prosperity, but data abounds that suggests the opposite and points to another  expla­ nation for the decline of Western Christianity: the breakdown of
the family.

24 The Legendary Flat-Earth Bible
by James Patrick Holding
Biblical Hermeneutics and Apologetics: Critics of the Bible have been calling it a flat-Earth book for centuries, and some fringe Christian groups have joined in the act, affirm­ ing that the Earth is indeed flat! What is the Bible really saying when it refers to such things as the “four corners of the earth”?

28 Western Intellectuals and Shame
by Daniel Mann
Cultural Discernment: Why do Western intellectuals often condemn the decisions of their own democratic nations while saying little or nothing about the atrocities of Third-World Muslim and Marxist nations? Might it be that, motivated by deep-seated shame, the Western intellectual establishes  his virtue by rejecting his own culture?

32  Sexual Sanity for Women in a World Gone Mad
by Ellen Dykas
Ethical Discernment and Apologetics: In a world spiraling into a sexual free-for-all, many Christian  women are succumbing to the cultural  insanity that says sex is all about you. Others  are smothered in shame concerning their sexual struggles. Sexual sanity, which is gained through  the wise,
unashamed, and bold teaching of the Bible, is God’s gift for all. Includes a sidebar  on the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon

42 Kierkegaard: Understanding the Christian Father of Existentialism
by Michael W. Austin
Philosophical Apologetics: Nine­ teenth-century  Danish philosopher S0ren Kierkegaard is perhaps best known as the father of existentialism, a philosophical school most often associated with atheist thinkers. Kierkegaard, however, was a devout Christian and much of what he wrote is strikingly relevant to contemporary life. An installment in our occasional Philosophers Series

46  Deepak Chopra’s Cosmi Enlightenment: Eastern Ideas in a Western Culture
by Robert Velarde
Interfaith Discernment and Apologetics: Through his many best­ selling books and a massive multimedia empire, Deepak Chopra has succeeded at convincing many Westerners to embrace Hindu beliefs and practices in the name of science, health care, and even Christianity. Far surpassing even his former teacher Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (Transcen­ dental Meditation) in cultural influence, Chopra is a spiritual force that Christians need to reckon with.

50 Suffering in Apologetic Mission
by Douglas Groothuis
Practical Apologetics: The call to suffer as disciples for the sake of Christ and the gospel is universal and nonnegotiable. How does this calling apply to apologetic ministry, and what price do we pay if we disregard it?