Journal for the Study of the New Testament Vol 35 No 4

How  Reliable is the Story  of the  Nag Hammadi  Discovery?    303
Mark Goodacre

Not with Eloquent Wisdom: Democratic Ekklesia Discourse in I Corinthians 1-4 323
Anna C. Miller

The  Political Issue of the  Ascension of lsaiah:A Response to  Enrico Norelli     355
Jonathan Knight

Texts,Tables and Tablets:A Response to John C. Poirier    380
Robert A. Derrenbacker,Jr

Waxing Careless: Poirier, Derrenbacker and Downing    388
F. Gerald Downing

Jerusalem  and Caesarea Inscriptions  and  New Testament Study:            394
A Review Article
Simon Gathercole