WORLD Vol 28 No 13

2013 Books Issue

44 Making tracks
Superb reporting and storytelling about a modern-day underground railroad make Melanie Kirkpatrick’s Escape from North Korea WORLD’s Book of the Year
51 Book diversity
Thirteen writers  contribute brief reviews  of 2012-2013 books that particularly caught their interest
52 Portraits of grace: Three biographies testifying to God’s work in mankind
53 Grand stories: A look at Nixon as VP, New York’s Grand Central Terminal, and Thomas Becket’s battle with a king
55 War wounds: A closer look at three costly-but pivotal­ battles spanning U.S. history
56 Aging badly:Two books celebrating 50th anniversaries offered cures worse tan
the disease
57 Commodity control: Two different  approaches to Africa’s resources
58 Pushing against paradigms: New perspectives on drugs, death,
and design
60 Road signs: Books geared for millennials  wrestling with cultural questions
61 Paranormal push: Deluge
of supernatural young adult novels produce plots with mangled biblical truths
62 Winsome whodunits: Light-hearted cozy mysteries offer gentler fare for lazy summer days
64 Sports report: Sins and swings in the sports world
65 Rib ticklers:Jokes, bloopers, stories, and quotes to keep
you laughing
66 Self-published standouts:The top 10 self-published books
68 Reading with boys:Children’s authors
work to draw boys into books in the age of distraction

70 Digital dynamite
Once a curious novelty, e-books have exploded in popularity