Evangelical Missionary Quarterly Vol 49 No 3

262    A Second look: Reflections on “Arab Spring”
By Gary Corwin

350     In the  20/30 Gap: Master-less Plans of Global Evangelism
By Cody C. Lorance

356    Voices in the  local Church: A House of Prayer for  All People
By Kelvin M. Smith

360     Excellence in Missions: Dreams  and Visions: A Biblical Pattern of Divine Encounter for  Muslims
By Rick Kronk

366     Book Reviews

264   Is It Time? How to Know When It’s Time to leave the Field
By Richard and Evelyn Hibbert
Conscientiousness and commitment are vital qualities of effective Christian workers, but over-conscientious work­ ers do not listen to their limitations as humans.

274   The Monkey and the Fish
By Song (Joseph) Cho
Through describing his own personal journey, the author shares how God’s people can do their best work, follow- ing the leading of the Holy Spirit.

282    Church-planting Metrics: Measure What’s Important
By Kenn Oke
A method for developing a measurement instrument that can guide leaders to define the end goal and that provides church planters with a graphic picture of progress.

292  The Changing Environment of World  Mission: Six Areas of Importance
By Derek Seipp
Deculturation is speeding up. And it’s happening world­ wide. We must, therefore, ask ourselves,  Is the mission industry keeping up with these changes?

298     Role of Missionary Kids in the  local Emerging Church
By David  Hines
306   The Global Church: A Journey  toward the Other
By Doris Gomez
314    An Urgent Plea for Disciplistk Baptism in the Buddhist Context
By Daniel  Daesoon  Kim
322    The Efficiency of Storying
By Cameron  D. Armstrong
330    Symposium: Who Really is an Apostle?
By Nathan Rasmussen, with responses from: Jude Hama, JR Woodward, Doug  Beacham, and Jessica Fick
342    Contextual Teaching: Changes  in Content & Culture
By Phil Thornton