Near Eastern Archaeology Vol 76 Issue 2 2013

66    The Renewed Razor Excavations      Amnon  Ben-Tor

68 Hazor in the Early Bronze Age
Sharon Zuckerman

73 Tel Razor: A Key Site of the Intermediate Bronze Age
Shlomit Bechar

76 The Favissa of the Southern Temple in Area A
Dalit Weinblatt-Krauz

81 The Ceremonial Precinct in the Upper City of Hazor

92 The Podium Complex in Area M
Manuel Cimadevilla

94 Area S: Renewed Excavations in the Lower City of Hazor
Sharon Zuckerman

98 Hazor: A Cuneiform City in the West Wayne Horowitz

101 Hazor at the Beginning of the Iron Age
Doron Ben-Ami

105 Hazor in the Tenth Century B.C.E.
Amnon Ben-Tor

110 Hazor in the Ninth and Eighth Centuries B.C.E.
Debora Sandhaus

118    Conservation and Restoration at Hazor
Orna Cohen

124 References

126 About the Authors