YouthWorker Journal Vol. 29 No 6 July 2013

17     Evidence  of God’s Providence  Interview by Todd C. Ream
A conversation with D. Michael Lindsay

20   The YouthWorker  Journal Roundtable on Tech Terrace Crawford, Anna Rendell, Nils  Smoth and  Mary Hess tackle the topic of technology in ministry and  the  pros and  cons of how to navigate the  digital world as it pertains to our  students.
By Jennifer Bradbury

24 Making Social Media Work for Youth Workers
Social  Media  Can Suck…Time
By Rachel Blom

28 How the Web Robs Us of Story
Technology vs. Biblical Delivery
By Ray Deck III

32 Reaching  the Interconnected Disconnected
Friending Among the Lonely
By David Clark

37 Death  by Tech
How  Living by Tech Can Kill Your Relationships
By Mike McGarry

39 Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Ministry
Quick Tips for Inexpensive Oomph!
By Dustin Slayton

42 Refraining from Drawing  a Line in the Sand
Allowing the Spirit to Bridge the Digital Divide
By Seth Vopat