Catholic Biblical Quarterly Vol 75 No 3

429-445        “Who Would Not Write?” The Prophet as YHWH’s Prey in Amos 3:3-8
Sara  J. Milstein

446-462    Newly Discovered Literary Devices in the Prayer of Habakkuk
Michael L. Barre, S.S.

463-472    Lord or God? Tobit and the Tetragrammaton Daniel A. Machiela

473-485    Rachel’s Cry for Her Children: Matthew’s Treatment of the Infanticide by Herod  Eugene Eung-Chun Park

486-503    Deaf or Defiant? The Literary, Cultural, and Affective-Rhetorical Keys to the Naming of John (Luke 1:57-80) Karl Allen Kuhn

504-520    The Eloquent Blood of Jesus: The Neglected Theme of the Fidelity of Jesus in Hebrews 12:24 Kevin B. McCruden

521-539    Synchrony and Diachrony in Contemporary Biblical
Interpretation  Koog P. Hong

540-601    Book Reviews
Joan  E. Cook, S.C., and Linda  M. Maloney

602-619    Collected Essays
620-624    Books Received