Christian Century Vol 130 No 15

6 Letters
Clinging to faith

7 Rights and wrongs
The Editors: The court advances  and retreats

8 CenturyMarks
Failed states, dying visions, etc.

10 No place for alms
Jesse James  DeConto: A curb  on  panhandling

20 Spiritual cul-de-sac
Carolyne  Call: How the church fails the divorced

23 My life with ALS
Julie Ruth Harley: Depending on the care of others

26 Alone among friends
Kat Banakis:  A reflection on loneliness

12     Gay-friendly trend washes over court;
Fights over gay marriage are just getting started;
‘Ex-gay’ group closes as hs president apologizes; Peds give guidelines on facing a church shooter

32 Books
Richard Lischer: Baseball as a Road to God, by John Sexton,
with Thomas Oliphant and Peter J. Schwartz
Paul-Gordon Chandler: Fleeing Herod, by James Cowan
Aaron Klink: The Nature of Healing, by Eric J. Cassell

36 Media
Kathryn Reklis: Much ado in Santa Monica

39    Art
Heidi J. Hornik and Mikeal C. Parsons: Christ with Mary
and Martha, by Alessandro Allori

3     Editor’s Desk
John M. Buchanan:Words for grieving

18, 19  Living by the Word
Rhonda Mawhood Lee

31    Faith Matters
Samuel Wells:What’s really killing the church

37    American Soundings
Rodney Clapp: Prayer in the whirlwind