First Things August/September 2013 No. 235

THE  PUBLIC  SQUARE    3     War on the Weak by R. R. Reno
LETTERS    8    Suicide, Mexico’s suffering, etc.
OPINIONS    19     Faith in Fiction by Randy  Boyagoda
21     The Halakhah of Jesus’ Trial by Chaim Saiman
24     Revolving Revolutions by Mary Eberstadt

27     On Loyalty
by Jean Bethke Elshtain

33     Our Challenges
by R. R. Reno

35      Fighting on New Terrain
by George Weigel

38      Primacy of Witness  by Ephraim Radner
41     Passion and Prudence by Eric Cohen
45     No Enduring  City  by David Bentley  Hart

REVIEWS    53     Anti-Judaism by David Nirenberg
reviewed by David P. Goldman
56    Evangelical Catholicism  by George Weigel
reviewed by John Cavadini
58    Coolidge by Amity Shlaes
reviewed by Ted V. McAllister
60    The Ethics of Interrogation by Paul Lauritzen
reviewed by Michael B. Mukasey
63    Briefly Noted