Review & Expositor Vol 110 No 2 Spring 2013

167    First Words … Editorial Introduction
By Graham B. Walker, Jr., John and Judy Zellars Professor of Theology
McAfee School of Theology, Mercer  University,  Atlanta,  Georgia.

17    A Word From …
By J. Alfred  Smith,  Sr.,

183    A Word From a Seminarian
By Israel  Jurich,  M Div

187    A Word About … Women Preachers
By Lydia Hoyle,  Associate  Professor of Church History  and Baptist Heritage, the Divinity  Schoot  Campbell University,  Buies Creek, North  Carolina.

Thematic  Words
191    A Wesleyan Critique of the Leviathan  of Capitalism
By Nathan Napier,   Pastor of Christian Education, First Church of
the Nazarene, Cleveland, Tennessee.

211    Occupy  Theology: Hyperbolic Christianity and  American
By Joshua  R. Ritter, Instructor of English,  University of Colorado, Colorado Springs,  Colorado

239   The Bonds of Capital  and the Freedom of a Christian
By Daniel  M. Bell, Jr.,  Professor of Theology and  Ethics,  Lutheran
Theological Southern Seminary,  Columbia, South  Carolina

253    An Imagined Community: Abridging an Abyss
By Graham B. Walker, Jr.,  John and  Judy Zellars Professor of Theology McAfee School  of Theology,  Mercer  University,  Atlanta, Georgia

Expository Words
271    Justice or Wormwood: Foundations for Economic Justice in the Old Testament
By David  G. Garber, Jr., Associate Professor of Old Testament  and Hebrew, McAfee  School  of Theology,  Mercer  University Atlanta, Georgia

285    The One Percent and the Gospel  of Luke
By Alan  P. Sherouse, Pastor  of Metro  Baptist  Church in Midtown
Manhattan, New York, New York.

295    Calorie Counting Ministers in a Starving World: Amos 5:14-24
By Brett Younger, Associate  Professor of Preaching, McAfee School of Theology Mercer  University, Atlanta,  Gerogia.

Touchstone Vol 26 No. 4 July/August 2013

3  Just  Christians
On Homosexuality & Christian Identity by s. M. Hutchens

Trinity & Modernity by Ken Myers

Cooney  & Rylant by Kathie Johnson

Patriot Dust by Anthony Esolen

14 On the Road to Paul
Patrick Henry Reardon on Why the Apostle to the Gentiles Changed His Name

15 Notes on the Sect System
S. M. Hutchens on the Unchristian Maneuvers of the Sectarian Mind

17 Cyber Schooling
Arhthur W. Hunt III on Internet Universities & Flesh-and-Blood Teachers

19 Feint of Heart
Kenneth D. WHITEHEAD on a So-Called Truce in the War Against Marriage

22 Pauline Scholar, Meet Homeric Scholar
How Textual Analysis Misses Authorial Genius & Literary Inspiration
by Anthony Esolen

27 Euripides’ Beatific Vision
An Ancient Greek Drama Awakened a Powerful New Longing in Its Audiences
by James Ware

34 Kramer’s Criteria
Hilton Kramer)s Lift of Cultural Discernment Meant Speaking Truth to Art
by Bradley W. Anderson

42 The Door  to Paradise
A Christian Reflection on the Attractions & Shortcomings of Buddhism
by Franklin Freeman

Jan van Eyck’s The Madonna  in a Church
by Mary Elizabeth Podles

Amos into Scripture
by Patrick Henry Reardon

American Baptist Quarterly Vol 31 No 1 Spring 2012


 Baptists  and  Catholics in Conversation After Forty  Years: Editorial Introduction  …… 3  Curtis W  Freeman

A Conversation in Context: An Introduction to the  Report,
The  Word  of God in  the Life of the  Church . . . . . . . .  7
Paul S. Fiddes

The  Word  of God  in the Life of the  Church: A Report of International Conversations  Between the Catholic Church and  the Baptist World Alliance,  2006-2010. …………… 28

A Response to the Report of International Conversations
Between the Catholic Church and  the Baptist World  Alliance ……… 123
Josue Fonseca

Reflections on The Word  of God  in the Life of the Church: A Report of International Conversations Between the Catholic Church and  the Baptist  World Alliance, 2006-2010  ………. 138
Stephen R. Holmes


Evangelical Missionary Quarterly Vol 49 No 3

262    A Second look: Reflections on “Arab Spring”
By Gary Corwin

350     In the  20/30 Gap: Master-less Plans of Global Evangelism
By Cody C. Lorance

356    Voices in the  local Church: A House of Prayer for  All People
By Kelvin M. Smith

360     Excellence in Missions: Dreams  and Visions: A Biblical Pattern of Divine Encounter for  Muslims
By Rick Kronk

366     Book Reviews

264   Is It Time? How to Know When It’s Time to leave the Field
By Richard and Evelyn Hibbert
Conscientiousness and commitment are vital qualities of effective Christian workers, but over-conscientious work­ ers do not listen to their limitations as humans.

274   The Monkey and the Fish
By Song (Joseph) Cho
Through describing his own personal journey, the author shares how God’s people can do their best work, follow- ing the leading of the Holy Spirit.

282    Church-planting Metrics: Measure What’s Important
By Kenn Oke
A method for developing a measurement instrument that can guide leaders to define the end goal and that provides church planters with a graphic picture of progress.

292  The Changing Environment of World  Mission: Six Areas of Importance
By Derek Seipp
Deculturation is speeding up. And it’s happening world­ wide. We must, therefore, ask ourselves,  Is the mission industry keeping up with these changes?

298     Role of Missionary Kids in the  local Emerging Church
By David  Hines
306   The Global Church: A Journey  toward the Other
By Doris Gomez
314    An Urgent Plea for Disciplistk Baptism in the Buddhist Context
By Daniel  Daesoon  Kim
322    The Efficiency of Storying
By Cameron  D. Armstrong
330    Symposium: Who Really is an Apostle?
By Nathan Rasmussen, with responses from: Jude Hama, JR Woodward, Doug  Beacham, and Jessica Fick
342    Contextual Teaching: Changes  in Content & Culture
By Phil Thornton

Journal of Psychology and Today Vol. 42 No. 2 Summer 2013


107  “Please Care About Me!” or “I Am Pleased to Care About You!” Considering Adaptive and Maladaptive Versions of Unmitigated Communion
Rodney L. Bassett and Jennifer Aube

120  Considering Adaptive and Maladaptive Versions of Unmitigated Communion: Part Two
Rodney L. Bassett and Jennifer Aube

128  Reentry Program Impact on Missionary Kid Depression, Anxiety, and Stress: A Three-Year Study
Pamela S. Davis, Elisabeth C. Suarez, Nancy A Crawford, and Mark C. Rehfuss

141  Embodied Integration
Erin E. Devers

150  Spirituality and Peer Victimization in Early Adolescence: Associations within a Christian School Context
J. Carrick Carter, Kelly S. Flanagan, and Ann B. Caballero

161  Journal File
165  Featured Review
166  Reviewer for This Issue
167  Books Received

JETS Vol 56 No. 2

The Blessing-Commission, the Promised  Offspring, and the Toledot Structure
of  Genesis ……………………………………… 219
Jason S. DeRouchie

God’s  Covenant with Abraham ……….. 249
Jeffrey J. Niehaus

Identifying Nimrod  of  Genesis 10 with Sargon of Akk:ad by Exegetical and
Archaeological Means………………………….. 273
Douglas Petrovich

Galatians 2:11-21 and the Interpretive Context  of “Works of  the Law”….. 307
Todd Scacewater

Apostle Apollos? ………………………………. 325
Andrew Wilson

The American Evangelical Academy and the World: A Challenge to Practice More Globally………………………………………….. 337
D. Keith Campbell

The Emerging  Divide in Evangelical Theology………. 355
Gerald R. McDermott

For Their Rock is Not as Our Rock: The Gospel  as the “Subversive Fulfillment”
of  the Religious Other ……………………… 379
Daniel Strange

Book Reviews …………………………………… 397

Index of Book Reviews ……………………. 457

Counseling Today Vol 65 No 1 July 2013

30    Body Language
By Lynne Shallcross
Even if counselors don’t specialize in eating disorders nd body image, statistics show they need to embrace their roles in preventing, detecting and treating these issues that stretch across racial, cultural, gender and age lines

42    Keeping it brief
By Stacy Notaras Murphy
Solution-focused brief therapy builds on client strengths and aims for positive outcomes rather than arriving at a complete understanding of the client’s past.

48    A counseling leader’s unlikely path
By Heather Rudow
It took Cirecie West-Olatunji several years and several job changes before she discovered her calling as a professional counselor, but now she is ready to take the helm as the 62nd president of the American Counseling Association.

52    Knowledge Share
Taking the lock off the Spiritual Integration Toolbox
By Michelle  J. Cox
Clinicians sometimes need to be reminded that religion and spirituality are important dimensions in counseling regardless of the presenting problem.

58    Reader Viewpoint
The education of a counselor-manager
By Christie Melonson
Graduate school doesn’t necessarily prepare you to become a manager in a mental health setting.

62    Opinion
What you don’t know could hurt your practice and your clients
By Elaine Johnson, Larry Epp, Courtenay Culp, Midge Williams & David McAllister
The boards of the Maryland and Massachusetts chapters of AMHCA offer their joint perspective on implications of CACREP-only language in emerging policies.

Near Eastern Archaeology Vol 76 Issue 2 2013

66    The Renewed Razor Excavations      Amnon  Ben-Tor

68 Hazor in the Early Bronze Age
Sharon Zuckerman

73 Tel Razor: A Key Site of the Intermediate Bronze Age
Shlomit Bechar

76 The Favissa of the Southern Temple in Area A
Dalit Weinblatt-Krauz

81 The Ceremonial Precinct in the Upper City of Hazor

92 The Podium Complex in Area M
Manuel Cimadevilla

94 Area S: Renewed Excavations in the Lower City of Hazor
Sharon Zuckerman

98 Hazor: A Cuneiform City in the West Wayne Horowitz

101 Hazor at the Beginning of the Iron Age
Doron Ben-Ami

105 Hazor in the Tenth Century B.C.E.
Amnon Ben-Tor

110 Hazor in the Ninth and Eighth Centuries B.C.E.
Debora Sandhaus

118    Conservation and Restoration at Hazor
Orna Cohen

124 References

126 About the Authors

WORLD Vol 28 No 14 July 2013

34 Holding the line
Chaplains are pursuing their mission in a military suddenly hostile to Christianity and ready to suppress religious freedom

40 Leaving Exodus
Alan Chambers gives up his ministry to ‘step back’ from a focus on homosexual sin

42    Information, please
Privacy advocates of different political stripes  want to halt or declassify the government’s leaked surveillance programs

46 Rochester strong
The DiMartino family is one among many beginning a life
forever altered by the
Boston bombing

50 Big rock candy mountain
Recession refugees and a host of dropouts  and seekers find solace in an off-grid squatter community known as ‘the last free place in America’

YouthWorker Journal Vol. 29 No 6 July 2013

17     Evidence  of God’s Providence  Interview by Todd C. Ream
A conversation with D. Michael Lindsay

20   The YouthWorker  Journal Roundtable on Tech Terrace Crawford, Anna Rendell, Nils  Smoth and  Mary Hess tackle the topic of technology in ministry and  the  pros and  cons of how to navigate the  digital world as it pertains to our  students.
By Jennifer Bradbury

24 Making Social Media Work for Youth Workers
Social  Media  Can Suck…Time
By Rachel Blom

28 How the Web Robs Us of Story
Technology vs. Biblical Delivery
By Ray Deck III

32 Reaching  the Interconnected Disconnected
Friending Among the Lonely
By David Clark

37 Death  by Tech
How  Living by Tech Can Kill Your Relationships
By Mike McGarry

39 Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Ministry
Quick Tips for Inexpensive Oomph!
By Dustin Slayton

42 Refraining from Drawing  a Line in the Sand
Allowing the Spirit to Bridge the Digital Divide
By Seth Vopat