Counseling Today Vol 56 No 3

30 Multicultural competence:A continual pursuit
By Lynne Shallcross
Prominent figures in the field emphasize that multicultural competence
in counseling requires consistent and career-long striving, not a one-time acquisition  of knowledge.

46 Attending to countertransference
By Stacy Notaras Murphy
If counselors aren’t careful and self-aware, their personal histories can creep into session with clients and threaten  to derail effective treatment.

54 A paradigm shift in counseling philosophy
By R. Rocco Cottone
An evolving focus on the social consensualizing of problems and solutions has the potential  to become a major theoretical movement  in the field.

58 Counseling the highly creative population
By Olga Gonithellis
Developing specific skills and approaches for working with artists, writers, actors, singers and other performers offers a fascinating look at the possible connections between creativity and mental health.