Leadership Vol 34 No 3 Summer 2013

20 Here and There
New technologies are a gift from God,but not if they keep us from being fully and physically present.
by Tim Challies

25 Leading Online
Seven ways to use social media in ministry.
by Brandon Cox

28-Not Tweeting? Repent!
Ed Stetzer  on why ignoring social media is no longer an option  for church leaders.
A Leadership Journal interview

33-From Online to Offline
How our online ministry is bringing seekers through the doors  of our church.
by David Russell

35-Discipline the Hyper-connected
Moving a distracted generation toward  Christ.
by Chris Maxwell

38 Tweeting My Life Away
My online interactions were hurting my pastoral presence. by Glenn /Packiam

43-Twitter Chaplain
Social media opens instant opportunities for ministry.
by Keith Anderson

35-Just Unfollow Me
The gospel demands we engage the world, even when we feel vulnerable.
by Ben Connelly

46 Electronic Warfare
How email and blogs complicate conflict, and what to do about  it. by Marshall Shelley

68-Jesus Didn’t Journal
Is there a different pathway to maturity for multi-tasking extroverts?
Nancy Ortberg

71 Spiritual Direction for Weird People
How do I help someone grow who’s not like me
John Ortberg

76-If I Had a Scanner
How would our worship services be different?
Gordan MacDonald