Southern Baptist Journal of Thelogy Vol 17 No 1 (Life/Ministry of Andrew Fuller)

The Life and Ministry of Andrew Fuller

2  Editorial: Stephen J. Wellum
Learning from the Life and Ministry of Andrew Fuller
Editor: Stephen J.Wellum

4  Peter J.Morden
“So valuable a life”: A Biographical Sketch of Andrew Fuller (1754-1815)

16 Paul Brewster
“The Utterance of a Full Heart”: The Pastoral Wisdom of Andrew Fuller

28  Matthew Haste
Marriage and Family in the Life of Andrew Fuller

36  Andrew Fuller, edited by Michael A. G. Haykin
The promise of the Spirit, the grand encouragement in promoting
the Gospel: a circular letter to the churches of the Northamptonshire
Baptist Association (June 1810)

42  MichaelA. G. Haykin
“‘Very affecting and evangelical’: A Review of Keith S. Grant, Andrew
Fuller and the Evangelical Renewal of Pastoral Theology”

46  The SBJT Forum

54  Book Reviews