The Bible Translator Vol 64 No 2

From the Editor        117

Manuscripts,Textual Variants, and Bible Translators      18
Simon Crisp

When  Nonsense  Makes Sense: Scribal Habits in the Space-intervals,
Sense-pauses, and Other Visual Features in IP46        128
Edgar Battad  Ebojo

Israelite or  Universal Horizon: Zephaniah  3.8-1 0 in the Hebrew
and Greek  Bibles    151
Adrian Schenker

The Layout of the Song of Moses (Deut  32) in Masoretic
Manuscripts and Biblia Hebraica Quinta     159
Sarah  Lind

Celebrating 400 Years of Ruyl’s Malay Translation of
Matthew’s Gospel     173
Daud Soesi/o

The Impact of the KJV in Caribbean  Bible Translation
Work: An Exploratory  Introduction     185
Marlon Winedt

The King James New Testament: How a Translation Determined
Christian Thought on Marriage and Celibacy for Nearly Four
Hundred Years    204
Roger   L. Omanson

Published Writings of Roger L. Omanson    217

List of UBS Publications    222