First Things No. 236

The Public Square               3 Every Last Detail by R, R. Reno

Letters                      8 Being together, Faithful images, etc.

Opinions                          17 Our Lady of Wheaton by Matthew Milliner

20 How Fares Religious Freedom? by Kyle Duncan

22 China’s New Christians by Jillian Kay Melchior

Essays                            27 The Impossibility of Secular Society
by Remi Brague

33 2013 Supreme Court Roundup
by Michael W. McConnell

41 The Theologian’s Ecclesial Vocation
by Bruce D. Marshall

47 No Happy Harmony
by Elizabeth Corey

Reviews                        53 Recovering Classic Evangelicalism by Gregory Alan                                                        Thornbury
reviewed by Bruce Riley Ashford

56 How Sex Became a Civil Liberty by Leigh Ann Wheeler
reviewed by Amy L. Wax

59 The Undivided Past by David Cannadine
reviewed by Samuel Goldman

62 In the Self’s Place by Jean-Luc Marion
reviewed by John F. Crosby

65 The Great Civilized Conversation
by Wm. Theodore de Bary
reviewed by Robert N. Bellah

While We’re at it                   68 Lost bodegas, Average people, etc.
by David Mills

The Back Page                      72 The True Helen
by David Bentley Hart

Poetry Claudia Gary (p. 16), Brian Doyle (p. 16),
Catherine Chandler (p. 25), Amit Majmudar (p. 26),                                                     Stephen Scaer (p. 26), Kevin McCabe (p. 31),
Carol A. Taylor (p. 39), Catharine Savage
Brosman (p. 40), Dana Gioia (p. 46), Bryce                                                                   Christensen (p. 52)