Journal of Psychology and Theology Vol. 41 No. 3

175 Attachment to God: A Qualitative Exploration of Emerging Adults’ Spiritual Relationship with God
Cynthia N. Kimball,Chris J. Boyatzis, Kaye V. Cook, Kathleen C. Leonard, and Kelly S. Flanagan

189 The Relationship of Parental Attachment and Christian Spirituality with lntergenerational Conflict Between Korean-American Young Adults and Their Parents I
Seong Eun Kim

200 Negative Views of Parents and Struggles with God: An Exploration of Two Mediators 1
Julie J. Exline, Steffany J. Homolka, and Joshua B. Grubbs

213 Making Sense of Quest’s Multidimensionality: The Search for a Higher
Order Structure I
James W. Crosby

229 Social Personality Traits as Salient Predictors of Religious Doubt
Phenomena Among Undergraduates
Keith A. Puffer

242 1ntegrating Religiosity and Pornography Use into the Prediction of Bystander
Efficacy and Willingness to Prevent Sexual Assault 1
John D. Foubert