International Journal of Frontier Missiology Vol. 30 No. 1

3 From the Editor’s Desk Brad Gill
The Anatomy if Conversion


5 Living Out an “In Christ” Identity: Research and Reflections Related to Muslims
Who Have Come to Faith in Jesus Christ David Greenlee
Conversion is simply not one-dimensional

13 Emerging Missiological Themes in MBB Conversion Factors Warrick Farah
“We see through a glass darkly.”

21 Heart Allegiance and Negotiated Identity Eric Adams
Should conversion always make us orphans?

27 A Jesus Movement Among Muslims: Research from Eastern Africa Ben Naja
The data speaks for itself

31 Power and Pride: A Critical Contextual Approach to Hui Muslims in China Enoch Jinsik Kim
Following signposts to the soul if a people

Book Reviews

38 Summoned from the Margin: Homecoming of an African – 39 A Muslim Who Became a Christian: The Story of John
Avetaranian (born Muhammad Shukri Efendi)

In Others’ Words

42 Emerging Christianities, Emerging Churches – Network Theory – Paul’s Idea of Ethnicity