First Things No. 238

THE PUBLIC SQUARE 3 How to Limit Government by R. R. Reno

LETTERS 8 Work-life imbalance, Mary, etc.

OPINIONS 17 History’s Most Powerful Rabbi by Yehudah Mirsky
19 The Naked College Quad by Owen Strachan
21 Jesus the Muslim Hippie by Gabriel Said Reynolds

ESSAYS 25 T. F. Torrance and the Latin Heresy
by Douglas Farrow

33 The Catholic Writer Today
by Dana Gioia

45 Evangelical Retreat?
by Russell D. Moore

REVIEWS 51 God’s Kindness Has Overwhelmed Us
by Jerome (Yehudah) Gellman
reviewed by Shalom Carmy
54 Do Babies Matter? by Mary Ann Mason, Nicholas H.
Wolfinger, and Marc Goulden
reviewed by Sarah Klitenic Wear
57 A Short History of the Twentieth Century
by John Lukacs

60 reviewed by Daniel Johnson
The Illusion of History by Andrew R. Russ
reviewed by Matthew W. Maguire
62 Briefly Noted

WHILE WE’RE AT IT 64 Minority atheists, Retreating Evangelicals, etc.
by David Mills

THE BACK PAGE 72 These Fragments Have I Shored by David Bentley Hart

POETRY Daniel Luttrull (p. 31), Kevin Hart (p. 43)