Journal of Creation Vol. 27 No. 3

3 Post-Flood man continues to become smarter
» Michael J. Oard

4 Small genome size of Utricularia gibba problematic for evolution but not creation
» Jean O’Micks

7 Pulasr spin down ages in error?
» Ronald G. Samec

8 Inbreeding and the origin of races
» Robert W. Carter

11 Are EGGs all they’re cracked up to be?-a closer look at star formation
» Ronald G. Samec

12 The Flood-a designed
» Shaun Doyle

13 The reinforcement syndrome ubiquitous in the earth sciences
» Michael J. Oard

17 ‘Evolutionary creation’-evolution rules supreme
» John Woodmorappe
» Evolutionary Creation: A Christian Approach to Evolution (Denis
0. Lamoureux)

23 No keeper’s brother’
» Shaun Doyle
» Am I My Keeper’s Brother?-Human Origins From A Christian
And Scientific Perspective (Philip Pattemore)

29 Clearly perceived
» Rachael Denhollander
» Without Excuse (Werner Gilt, in cooperation with Bob Compton and Jorge Fernandez)

32 The big bang is Spackman’s God
» Johh Woodmorappe
» The Ant and the Ferrari: Lifting the Hood on Truth, Society and the Universe (Dr Kerry Spackman)

37 The Cambrian explosion in colorful, zoological context
» John Woodmorappe
» The Cambrian Explosion: The Construction of Animal Biodiversity
(Douglas H. Erwin and James W. Valentine)

40 The worldviews of law
» Daniel Davidson
» Western Legal Theory: History, Concepts and Perspectives
(Augusto Zimmermann)

44 God’s Word in human words
» Donald D. Crowe

45 Truman’s Coded Information Systems and Munevar’s Radical Knowledge
» Carl Anderson
» REPLY: Royal Truman

46 A developing schism in Flood geology
» Marcus Ross
» REPLY: Carl Froede and Jerry Akridge

49 Is the ‘Theory of Universal Information’ a weak theory?
» WernerGit

52 Is the ‘Theory of Universal Information’ a weak theory?-Truman replies
» Royal Trurnan