Journal of Psychology Christianity Vol. 32 No. 3

180 Talking to Children about Death: Parental Use of
Religious and Biological EXplanations
Sarah-Jane Renaud, Paraskevi Engarhos Michael Schleifer, and
Victoria Talwar

192 Adolescent and Parent Perceptions of the Influence of Religious Belief and Practice
Carolyn A. McMurdie, David C. Dollahite, and Sam A. Hardy

206 The Value of Walking the Walk: The Relation between
Family Faith Activities and Emerging Adults’ Religiousness
Carolyn McNamara Barry, Jason M. Prenoveau, and Colter L. Diehl

221 Meaning Making in Emerging Adults’ Faith Narratives:
Identity, Attachment, and Religious Orientation
Cynthia N. Kimball, Kay V. Cook, Chris J., and Kathleen C. Leonard

234 Coping Strategies as a Mediator between adolescent
Spirituality/Religiosity and Psychosocial Adjustment
Sarah E. Hall and Kelly S. Flanagan

245 Romantic Breakup as a Sacred Loss and Desecration among Christians at a State University
Anna R. Hawley and Ann Mahoney