First Things No. 240, Winter 2013

The Public Square

3     Francis and the Market by R. R. Reno


8     Jesus in Islam, Limited government, etc.

19     Loving and Staying in Goma by Armin Rosen

21     Living Offering by Matthew Milliner

23     The Christian Theologian of Zion by Jonathan Yudelman

27     Alone in the New America by David and Amber Lapp

33     Bloodless Moralism by Helen Rittelmeyer

41     The Accidental Protestant by Eduardo Echeverria

47     Looking for God in All the Wrong Places by Stephen Meredith

53     A Prayer Journal by Flannery O’Connor reviewed by Ralph C. Wood

55     Metamorphoses of the City by Pierre Manent reviewed by Timothy Fuller

57     Bleeding Edge by Thomas Pynchon reviewed by Cassandra Nelson

59     Religion Without God by Ronald Dworkin reviewed by Robert T. Miller

61     Jacob Arminius by Keith D. Stanglin and Thomas H. McCall reviewed by Bradley G. Green

63     Briefly Noted
While We’re At It

65     Picture Bibles, The music business, etc. by David Mills
The Back Page

72     A Phantom’s Visit (C.B.) by David Bentley Hart

Brian Doyle (p. 18)

Mark Amorose (p. 25)

John Whitworth (p. 26)

Amit Majmudar (p. 26)

A. M. Juster (p. 39)

Midge Goldberg (p. 40)

Alfred Nicol (p. 46)