Psychology Today Vol. 47, No. 1 Winter 2013

3 Editor’s Note

4 Contributors

6 Letters

9-25 Insights

26 Person of Interest: Martin Luther King

(Lesser-known aspects of MLK’s personality – like depression – may have been key to the civil rights champion’s greatness)

28 2-Minute Memoir: A therapist battles fro her health – and her sense of self.

32 Unconventional Wisdom: Love minus physical attraction; guilt after a break-up.
34 One Big Change: Five warning signs that your loved one is suffering an addiction.

36 Outside In: The obstacles attractive femail leaders face on their way to the top.

42 Nature’s Bounty: Nutrition starts with the soil food is grown in, and there’s cause for concern.

44 Secrets and Lies: What happens when we hide the truth?

47 Blogger Spotlight: Psychiatry opts for all-or-nothing. But sometimes a disorder is just a trait.

54 Love and Power: Power is the medium of all relationships.

62 Supertaskers: What is the trick to being “uber-productive?”

70 Animal Minds: Humans aren’t the only species with personality.