YouthWorker Journal Winter 2013

10     Youth Culture Update By PaulAsay

16     Culture Watch Countering the Need for Speed
By Walt Mueller

20     Worldview One Notebook
By OneLife Matters

23     Managing Your Ministry: Managing Exits
By Syler Thomas

23     Conversations: The Wisdom of Slow
By Mark Matlock

24     10 Minutes in God’s Word: The Discipline of Nostalgic Balance
By Barry Shafer

25     The YouthWorker Journal Roundtable on Slow
By Jennifer Bradbury

30     An Invitation to The Slow Club By Mark Yaconelli

34     Care of the Soul: A Conversation Between Brennan Manning and Mike Yaconelli

38     What Is Contemplation By Fr. Thomas Merton

40     Students in the Abbey
By Chance Perdue

42     Sacred Pauses
By Lilly Lewin

44     Slow. Enough to Hear
By Mike Park

46     TOOLS
You Found Me, Gimme Shelter, Alar Ego (Craig Groeschel), and resources designed to help you and your students develop spiritual introspection.

50     Stirring It Up: Slow Thyself
By Rachel Blom