Leadership Journal – Winter 2014

20 Ministry Strong: Pete Briscoe on pursuing spiritual, relational,and physical vigor.
[A Leadership interview]

25 Weeping with the Gangs: How God used my vulnerability to soften the neighborhood’s hardest.
By Poco Amador

28 My Small Group, Anonymous: Where nobody knows your (last) name.
By Gordon MacDonald

33 The Widowmaker Repents: After decades of dysfunction, one church publicly confessed its mistreatment of former ministers.
By Paul Pastor

37 The Survivor: Burning out, getting healthy,and not giving up on the church.
By Mark Driscoll

40 The Way of Weakness: What my anxiety and depression taught me about God’s power.
By Mike Erre

45 An Authentic Pastor: How can you lead others while experiencing a personal crisis?
By Katherine Callahan-Howell

49 The Friendless Pastor: How we can address our perennial problem.
By Mark Brouwer

53 Healthy Pastor, Healthy Church: When my personal deterioration changed direction, so did our congregation.
By Lenny Luchetti

76 The 2013 Leadership Book Awards

78 A Seaworthy Soul: What it takes for leaders to stay afloat.
By Bert Crabbe

82 What’s Wrong with People Pleasing? The pitfalls of approval­ motivated leadership.
By Charles Stone

87 The Millennial Man: Rick Dunn on empowering Millennials to lead.
[A Leadership interview]

91 The Myth of the Average Millennial: Don’t rely on statistics and stereotypes to reach my generation.
By Kyle Rohane


5- DrewDyck

94- Skye Jethani

96 – Mark Buchanan


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98 – Cartoon Contest