Christian School Educators (CSE) Vol. 17, No. 2 – Winter 2013

6       Citizen Education and the Christian School
By Kevin R. den Dulk
14     Student Recruitment and Retention
By Shari Martin
18     Interview with Dr. Harro Van Brummelen By Kim Franklin

22     Can Love and Accountability Coexist in the Leader’s Office?
By Stephen P. Dill
24     The Library as a Laboratory for Life
By Shannon Bomar
28     English Language Learners in Christian Schools By Jan Edwards Dormer

34     Parent Involvement in Our Schools By Gary B. Arnold
39     A Day of Education Without Communication of God
By Robin Eckel
40     Moving Beyond “Can You Tie My Shoes?” – Meaningful Adult Involvement in Children’s Lives By Cathy Neimetz

42     Being Thankful as a Christian School Educator Even in the Tough Times
By David Michaux