Counseling Today Vol. 55, No. 8 – February 2014

Cover Story:

Quieting the inner critic By Laurie Meyers

[Low self-esteem informs the internal dialogue of many counseling clients and negatively influences how they view their relationships, their abilities, their achievements and, ultimately, themselves.]



A game plan for life By Clare Lochary

[Performance is often the primary gateway to mental health treatment for athletes, but sports counselors take a holistic approach to help these clients maximize their potential-both on the field of play and off.]


Knowledge Share:

Addressing clients’ prejudices in counseling By Bailey P. Macleod

[Counselors are taught to value the tenets of multicultural awareness and social justice, so how do they respond therapeutically when clients who hold power and privilege in society express biases and prejudices in session?]


Reader Viewpoint:

Embedding in the culture of an organization By Burt Bertram

[Physician Support Services has demonstrated the feasibility and value of going beyond the typical employee assistance program model to weave mental health professionals into the cultural fabric of a high-stress working environment.]



12 Deconstructing the DSM-5

17 Risk Management for Counselors

18 Recent Book Releases

22 Through a Glass Darkly

26 Counselor Career Stories: Glenn Kelly Taylor

28 Technology Tutor

30 Private Practice Strategies

34 The Digital Psyway


Need to Know:

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10 Washington Update

25 CTLearning Test

61 In Memoriam: Robert J. Nejedlo, David J. Powell

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