The Christian Century Vol. 131, No. 3 – Feb. 2014

6 Letters Necessary songs

7 Safety net successes The Editors: Victories in the War on Poverty

8 Century Marks
Science in the deep freeze, etc.

10 Bedbug epiphany
Heidi Neumark: A Three Kings pageant

20 Witness to the dark
Sara Miles: Ashes in the streets

25 Affirmation of being Christopher P. Momany: In defense of atonement theology

28 Which global church? Wesley Granberg-Michaelson: The Pentecostal World
Fellowship and the WCC


12 Treatment of brain-dead patients criticized;
Breast-feeding, on the rise, remains an issue in pews; Barbour fostered dialogue between religion and science; Snake-handling pastor excused by grand jury

In Review

32 Books

William Willimon: Five Days at Memorial, by Sheri Fink
Alain Epp Weaver: The New Middle East, by Paul Danahar
Charles Scriven: Playing God, by Andy Crouch

36 Media
Jason Byassee: More orcs

39 Art
Heidi J.Hornik and Mikeal C. Parsons: The Transfiguration,
by Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio)


3 Editor’s Desk
John M. Buchanan: Post-Christmas blues

18     Living by the Word
Fairfax F. Fair

19    Faith Matters
M. Craig Barnes:Truth in beautiful spaces
Notes from the Global Church
Philip Jenkins: Secular South Africa?


10 Brian Doyle: Poem for a dear friend

11 Kathleen O’Toole:Terce: February

22 Leland Seese: As I fall
Samuel Smith: Come again?