International Journal of Frontier Missiology Vol. 30.2 – Feb. 2014

47 From the Editor’s Desk by Brad Gill
Getting Behind Our Labels


49 The Old Testament and Insider Movements by Harley Talman
You may find the Old Testament’s attitude toward other religions surprising.

59 Bridging the “Socio-Religious” Divide: A conversation between two Missiologists
Gene Daniels and L. D. Waterman
There may be more to “religion” than meets the eye.

67 Two Church Planting Paradigms by Ted Esler
Do newer models simply reprioritize older values?

75 Why Can’t Evangelicals Agree? Clarrfying Evangelical Responses to Insider Movements and Familial Language Translations by Larry W. Caldwell
What makes us more ‘ conservative” or “progressive” in our missiology?

Book Reviews

88 My Mother’s Sons: Managing Sexuality in Islamic and Christian Communities

89 Religion,Science and Empire:
Classifying Hinduism and Islam in British India

90 Why Religions Spread: The Expansion of Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam with Implications for Missions