Biblical Archaeology Review Vol. 40, No. 2 – March/April 2014

6 FIRST PERSON: Oded’s Other Ossuary



Archaeology on the Opera Stage

Severed Hands: Trophies of War in New Kingdom Egypt Indiana Jones: Fashion Icon

Psalm Book Sold for Record Price at Sotheby’s

Aviram Fellowship to Bring Israeli Scholars to U.S. Conferences $5,000 Prize for “Accessible” Archaeology Article; BAR Articles Excluded
13 How Many?; The Bible in the News

16 Milestones; What Is It?

18 Milestones; In History

20 In Their Own Words

22 Exhibit Watch

24 Cartoon Caption Contest

26 ARCHAEOLOGICAL VIEWS – The Chasm Between the Media and Biblical ArchaeologicalScholarship by Eric M. Meyers

28 BIBLICAL VIEWS – Text Archaeology:The Finding of Lightfoot’s Lost Manuscripts by Ben Witherington III





30 Where Is Mount Sinai? By Hershel Shanks

[Numerous candidates for Mt. Sinai were debated at a recent international colloquium of scholars in Israel, focusing especially on Har Karkom in Israel’s Negev desert and-surprisingly-on a Midianite site in Saudi Arabia. No one defended the traditional site in the southern Sinai Peninsula.]

42 Archaeology Confirms 50 Real People in the Bible By Lawrence Mykytiuk

[How many people mentioned in the Hebrew Bible have been confirmed archaeologically? The surprising number is 50-from Israelite kings to Mesopotamian monarchs, and some lesser figures as well.]

52 Modi’in: Hometown of the Maccabees by Shlomit Weksler-Bdolah and Alexander Onn

[Modi’in is fan1ous as the hometown of the Maccabees, who successfully led a Jewish revolt when the Hellenistic king Antiochus N Epiphanes banned circumcision and Sabbath observance and desecrated the Temple. Have excavations within the modern Israeli city of Modi’in uncovered the Jewish village that the Maccabees called home?]

60 With & Without Straw: How Israelite Slaves Made Bricks by Robert Littman, Marta Lorenzon and Jay Silverstein

[Was it possible for Israelite slaves to meet their mudbrick quota after Pharaoh stopped providing the straw and they were forced to gather it on their own? Modern mudbrick-making at Tell Timai in the Nile
Delta sheds new light on the Biblical account. Using ancient techniques, archaeologists manufactured mudbricks and used them to conserve ancient mudbrick walls.]