Social Education Vol. 78, No. 1 – February 2014

5 NCSS Notebook: The Revitalization of Social Studies by STEPHEN ARMSTRONG

[The NCSS conference, continued advocacy, and the C3 framework are essential components of our efforts to revolutionize social studies education.

7 Sources and Strategies: Strike up Student Interest through Song: Technology and Westward Expansion by MEG STEELE

[The featured photograph and works of music can launch an engaging lesson on the ways that technological advancements influenced westward expansion.]

16 They Should Have Sent a Poet: Deepening Students’ Understanding of History Through the Use of Poetry by CHRISTOPHER LOPEZ

[The highlighted poems offer deep insights into three wars in which America was involved.]

20 Historical Fiction, the Common Core, and Disciplinary Habits of Mind by SARA L. SCHWEBEL

[Historical fiction draws students into the study of the past, enriches their understanding of events, and provides opportunities for cultivating historical analysis.]

25 Teaching with Documents: “Records of Rights”:  New Exhibit at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. by MICHAEL HUSSEY

[The National Archives’ latest exhibit spotlights the struggles of Americans to define rights related to citizenship, free speech, voting, and equal opportunity.]

29 Looking at the Law: An Introduction to the International Court of Justice by DAN NARANJO

[Studying the International Court of Justice and select cases can launch a stimulating class discussion about our increasingly interconnected world and the role of a global arbitrator.]

33 Research and Practice
Achieving Authentic Pedagogy: Plan Units,Not Lessons

[Authentic pedagogy engages students and spurs them to produce work that has value and impact beyond school.]

38 Point of View: Another Look at AP by LARRY PAHL
[Does the College Board’s AP program deserve its reputation as the gold standard for preparing high school students for college success?]

40 Coaching Strategies for AP: Building a Successful AP European History Program by JIM FORNACIARI

[A former baseball coach transfers strategies for building a team-oriented winning culture on the field to promoting academic excellence in the AP European History classroom.]

45 Surfing the Net: What I Learned at NCSS 2013 by c. FREDERICK RISINGER
[The sessions at NCSS’s annual conferences present a wealth of information. These websites offer valuable resources and lesson plans that build on some highlights of the 2013 conference.]

47 Review
The Making of Campaign 2012:Collision 2012 and Double Down by DAVID WOLFFORD

[Two recently published books offer behind-the-scenes insight into the 2012 presidential campaign and can help teachers illustrate important electoral concepts.]